Malevolent Karma (English)


What elements dictate destiny? Could some higher force direct our fate?

The year is nineteen-hundred and eighty-five. One year after the bombing of the Grand Hotel in Brighton which almost wiped out Margaret Thatcher´s entire Cabinet, the IRA have an opportunity for another spectacular atrocity.
The Cold War is at its height. NATO is about to launch the biggest ever, Europe-wide, ‘Soviet Attack’ War Simulation. HMS Resolution, one of Great Britain´s Polaris Nuclear Submarines, has a key role to play in the War Games’ Simulation. 

The convergence and crossing of the life-paths of three young boys, born on the same day, thousands of miles apart, provides the conduit for a joint ETA and Provisional IRA attack with Global Peace implications.

Malevolent Karma. This is a very human story of love, manipulation and betrayal, wrought by cynical adults upon the naivety of innocent young boys.

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ISBN 978-1908135315

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