Norman MacRitchie Reeley


About the author: Norman MacRitchie Reeley

Following family tradition, he was originally destined to be an engineer in the shipyards of the River Clyde in Scotland. A chance meeting on a rain filled winter´s evening with an old school friend changed the direction of his life forever. He defied his father; quit his `secure´ engineering apprenticeship to train to become a Chef.

As well as enjoying the creative but high-pressure world of the kitchen, he re-discovered the joys and satisfaction of education, and became a Senior Lecturer in a College of further education. His underlying ambition however, was to open a family-run Bistro-style restaurant in the manner of the French or Italian model. He quit his job in the College and opened his dream Bistro-Restaurant near to the Royal Navy Clyde Submarine Base, which quickly obtained a reputation far beyond the local area. Norman won the coveted Medal D´honneur at the Salon Culinaire D´ Ecosse, and the restaurant was runner-up to Turnberry Hotel in a Gourmet competition run by a National newspaper.
In nineteen-ninety, the family moved to Spain, buying a Hotel and Restaurant in the beautiful seaside town of Javea, on the Costa Blanca. Although the family had taken Spanish lessons in Scotland before emigrating, they were hopelessly ill-equipped to be running a Hotel in Spain, resulting in hilarious over-bookings where the some guests stayed for free on the roof, in the public bathrooms and taking up the living room of the owners apartment.

Norman sponsored a Pipe Band to come over from Scotland to take part in the one-hundredth anniversary of the Virgen de Loretto fiestas in the Port of Javea, establishing a Scottish Penya for the event. During the Bull-running, a Bull almost got into the restaurant by the back door… there´s no substitute for a freshly cooked, rare steak!
After retiring, Norman has enjoyed travelling around Europe in his old campervan, written travel articles, dabbled in local politics and amateur sculpture.

Malevolent Karma is his first novel. The work is fiction, but based on real information and knowledge of the area at that time.
Norman MacRitchie Reeley.